I Am Only Thirteen

I sit alone in the deep deep darkness.
Feeling the bricks layer on the lonliness.
I try to escape but everything is so thick.
I can feel it in the pit of my stomach I am becoming sick.
What is this all around me.
I've lost my sight I cannot see.
I am a child I am only thirteen.
Why is everyone being so mean.
Things are too dark they have got to change.
I can feel it start I am reaching the range.
It is starting to grow cold in here where is the heat.
Was it the test of times am I starting to feel defeat.
What will happen in the end will there be no retreat.
It's just bread and butter there is no meat.
There is a new beginning I can feel it approaching.
It swept me away without me even knowing.
It is over now and things are in the past.
It all happened way too fast.
I am in recovery now I can feel the love.
Thank you God I know it was sent from above.

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