I Am Poem

I am the definition of unique
You can be unique too if you just believe in you
I declare for the world to spread my name and listen to what I say
I see myself in a better place where the world stays calm
nothing goes wrong
My mentality and personality make me strong
I keep my mind on my time because that's just how I spend my day
Rainbows and sunny rays can someday turn into shades of grey
My name is never ever going to be average poet
Writing is my gift as some of you know it
I won't ever leave anyone who is important in my life left behind
I will always be me and speak independently for myself
No matter who or what else blocks my perspective of thinking
My conscience keeps drinking thoughts
The juice box label said it was flavored apricot
I've learned how to lose and win from time to time
Look at me I'm the shiny bright ray in the sunshine
I reached for the sky to catch my stars
I'm the only person who knows where they are
I hide things from people because you can always smell the evil
My best friends and friends probably have bibles written about me
In small type descriptive words describing me are the view of thee
I read about many things in life but I don't check them out twice
I can make my own decisions and keep moving with my mind
I am Elizabeth Martinez
and I thank you for your time in reading about my rhymes

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