The moon is full off in
A distance you can hear
wolf, I am a raven i sit
upon Edgar allan poe
grave at one time he
was all the rave in the world,
I woke up to whisper i thought
I heard some one say THE RAVEN!!!!!
I looked aound and saw no one
i flow to the ground looking for
food i was in no mood to be
booed,I flow way just as the
wind blow the leaves around
as sit upon the eaves of the
MORTURY, Dawn is coming
the sun is come up over the
ocean i see a ghost ship out
at sea so i flow out it and landed
on the crows nest where i stand
Intill we get to land, then old ghost
says land hoe, so off i flow to the land
over the mountains past therivers past the
streams over the woods , where i stood
on a new grave it read Charles Dickens
at one time he was all the rave in the world,
as the midnight moon shines i fell sleep
for tomorrow is another day
i am a raven

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