I Am Six Faces

I am me...I am myself.
I've got your six under my belt.
I am all six ladies.
I am all six woman underneath .
Just come closer and take a deeper look.
I am the one with the crying mask.
With her mouth sown together tightly shut.
Seductive eyes turned to the side.
Tears rolling down out of her eyes.
Am I just lovely underneath this mask?
That I believe I will leave for you to answer!
In your own time, in your own private hell!
I am the lady with her side turned.
Quite exotic in all of her gear.
Hands on her hips...a snide smile showing.
Hair absolutely flowing all in her glory.
But don't let the pretty looks fool you.
She's got a mean right hook...
She uses her strength very, very well.
Don't you just want to dance a little?
Now don't fall for this special trap!
She'll have you back down begging for more.
Some bruises and bumps here and there.
Maybe two glasses of wine or some vodka.
You'll have to watch your every step.
This I can guarantee, my oath is golden.
You must remember I'm all six.
I am the lady who is not watching.
Only from my back can you see me.
Standing all ready for galactic battle.
Or maybe just planning out your demise?
You'll never see my face, nor my reflection.
Just only hear my voice up ahead!
Maybe it's in your mind, maybe it's not?
You'll just never know, you'll be too busy.
Chasing the wind, chasing the parts of me.
That are just to hard to even catch.
But how about we keep on playing.
Cause I like you so very much.
A little game of catching all Six!
So I'll see you a little while later.
I am the lady who swims round and round.
I swim far and away just to escape this hell.
There are things I can do, so dont fret.
Yourself for too long or get really scared.
Or run away like all the other ones.
For my mask is known far and wide.
Haven't you met my sisters, yet!
Oh, so you have already met?
Well that's good then you'll be prepared.
Now I ask why are you getting all weak.
For I can see you trembling with sweat.
But I must let you know that this excites me!
Now allow me to let you go...Carry on.
Also, don't forget to not be a stranger.
I am the lady with the mask of changes.
No identity is hidden from me.
I can see all no matter the distance.
I'm a chameleon, a master of disguise.
I've taught many far and wide.
Some of my sisters have even come to me.
They gave you away with the very first sniff.
Told me to make a mask worthy of You.
A mask that would benefit a King.
A king in the making...It must be You?
But I must tell you first...So you know.
In order to do that you'll have to meet.
One more sister, please be careful.
She does have one vicious bite.
I too along with the others will see ya later.
I am the last lady you'll ever come to meet.
I am all fire, hot and ready to slay.
I wear my mask during the day.
But I burn most brightly during the night.
A candle one moment...A raging forest fire.
The next moment, didn't my sister...
Tell you to be very careful.
It all depends on which side you do meet.
So do tread well when you get very serious.
Because in me exists every single jewel.
Made just for Kings and Queens....
Just like you, my dear young man...
You'll have to show yourself, your true self
In order to receive all of these special gifts.
But don't fret I have complete faith.
Now get ready, the battle is just beginning.
I promise it just might be fun.
By: Brenda Elizabeth Lopez

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