I am Six

I am six
Beep Beep Beep
Sounds the alarm
Rise up! Rise up!
Hollows my mother

Down the street, around the corner
Up the steps of the bus and down the rows
Down the steps and straight to class
Never presenting a smile on my face

I am six
Reading books, writing stories
Always the slowest, never the best
Science experiments and math problems
Wrong answer after wrong answer
Never thinking about school

I cannot read
I cannot write
I cannot see myself
And a reason why, I do not know

Homework forces to me cry
All I desired was to play outside
Exhausted and frustrated
My mother did her best
Disappointing her broke my heart to pieces
but I will always try my best

Test after test
Always being pulled out of class
Leaving school for extra help
Just wanting to be like the rest

I am six, almost seven
Mom sits me down
Tears are in her eyes
“Your brain is unique, and will always be
But you are never alone”
My mother, the strongest woman I know
Broke into tears

I am dyslexic
Finally a reason
I will continue to work harder
I will never give up

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