I am Stone

Strength, Courage, Determination, Stability.
My name signifies purity, or fragility but I am much more than my name because from the person I was at the time I received my name, to the person I am today,
I have become indomitable, stubborn, willful, unbreakable;
I became stone.
I may have been born innocent, pure, and untainted by life and the world each of us is so unceremoniously thrown into,
but I am no longer these things.
I may have been carefree and aloft from the penetrating stares and constant judgments of others, but I am no longer these things.
I may have been unendingly happy and packed to the bursting point full of unadulterated laughter and life,
but I am no longer these things.
I may have been small, weak, and vulnerable in the eyes of others,
but I am no longer these things.
I am strong, unbreakable, and armor bound in my own self confidence and security that I have attained with becoming me
It started when I realized I was different from others and continued on from there.
When you are a child, you see only differences; you hold no judgement or malice,
only an unending curiosity and wonder coupled with a barrage of questions that seem unyielding.
I never knew nor would have cared that I was different from others as a young child,
but that all changed when I realized I was looked upon by others like I was too different,
like I was wearing a ‘Scarlet Letter’.
I had once been so jovial and untroubled by the prying eyes and looks of pity or disdain;
I had been too ignorant to notice or even allow the thoughts to cross my mind.
I used to burst from forests of green life with vigor and race down hills scattered with shades of blues, yellows, and whites, unhindered by insecurities.
I was blanketed in my own ignorant bliss and life stripped away my blanket.
Playing, dancing, adventuring, and exploring uninhibited by the bounds of others.
Why can all of us not stay children forever?
Never a care in the world or a capricious thought in their minds.
Children are malleable, easily adaptable, and incredibly resilient.
I found my strength in myself,
I became tenacious and determined to live my life to its fullest capacity.
I was forged as a blacksmith would contrive a prize sword: sharp and swift and primed to face all that life could hurl in my direction.
At certain times in my young life I was my name,
but each slight, each stare, each “you can’t do that, it’s impossible,” fueled my inner fire and inner strength and hardened my resolve to be something greater than just my name.
Every experience, whether it was big or small,
shaped me into the person I am today
Just as the ocean erodes the lands of our mighty Earth.
The marker which indicates the lost loved ones that people held once so dear,
the barriers between modern life and the age worn Kings of ancient Egypt,
the strong material used to build up kingdoms and buildings alike.
I am the stone that remains unbroken by the hardships of life.
Life tries to batter and break down my determination and obstinacy that I put forth
in everything I do.
There were many obstacles put forth in my life that have endeavored to weaken and break me,
but I could not let myself be beat.
I am the epitome of tenacity and fortitude because there is nothing life can bring to the table
that I cannot conquer.
Others try to bring me down like the Great Roman Empire
and it would be so easy to succumb to their intentions,
yet I will not.
We are each born and given a name to live up to,
but I have created a new name for myself through my own adventures and experiences of living and being and seeing.
I am obstinate and firm in my beliefs and in my own self worth,
because I am stone and stone is indomitable.

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