I am that person

Ever since you were a babe, held securely in the arms by the person(s) who loved you most...
There's been something on your mind.
That one day you will meet that someone perfect who lifts you up daily and makes you feel so special. That person who loves you unconditionally. That person who does, before you have to ask. That person who never gives up and no matter how rough life can be, is always trying. Who has a good heart, thoughtful and is kind.
And now that you are grown up you realize that that person is hard to find.
I want you to think back on all your lovers that you have left behind and gather all the love they have given you; combine it all and weigh it against the love i have given you, yes weigh it against mine.
When you are finished.
Don't act surprised.
I've been saying it. I've been telling you all this time. (Now let me tell you this one more time...)I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU, BE ALL YOURS AND I WANT YOU TO BE ALL MINE. ( I AM THAT PERSON)
Part of you knows what I am saying is true and part of you thinks that I am lying. You seem to go with the other and for now that is fine, but I want you to know that I may go away, seem to disapear, but I will never give up on you and us. I will always love you and want to be with you even if it takes my entire life and I find myself old decrepit laying in bed and dying.
To hold you and feel your love reciprocate I will never stop trying.


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