I Am That

Sometimes sunshine and sometimes rain.
sometimes happiness and sometimes pain.
Life shows you the best.
Then puts you to test.
Rocking your emotions.
Testing your notions.
Pushing you to understand "Who's me?"
"Am I really who I can be?"
The turmoil and trials of the mind,
when you say "myself I cannot find!"
Oh! the days of your worst nightmares,
When your eyes fills with unshed tears;
Isn't that when you swap the "This is me"
to the "This is how it should be"?
Isn't that when the world's practical reality
plays against your mind's fidelity?
Through situations arise dimensions diverse.
Paradigms shift and moments merge.
Overwhelming the self to seek beyond,
Until the mind, body and soul bond.
Then that stillness when your eyes truly see.
And you say, 'I am me as I can be'.
When today is gone and tomorrow is hither,
You know now you need go no further.
Sometimes when you feel you haven't a clue,
the universe then finds you for you!

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