I Am The Butterfly

My cold hands clasp together as the wind blows heavy in the night
as i walk under the bright moon, such a beautiful sight
so big and so blue, with many white dots that fill the sky
like a painted picture held up so high
the stars lit, it's silent with faded cries

nature speaking in the distance with beautiful sounds
i am in no hurry, as i rest onto the ground
relaxed, as my thoughts carry thru my head
eyes fixed on the beauty of the sky with much to be said.
As i lay beneath thedark blue, my heart bounces a slow beat
calm, cool, steady, as i enjoy such a wonderful treat
the waves of the ocean splash as they move closer to the beach

i lay alone, for a moment to my own
no music, no computer, no phone
just me and the earth sit beneath my skin
i lay here with a wild grin
thinking of life and all of it's gleams
all of my hopes, and all of my dreams
so many beautiful things.

i close my eyes as if my soul is a stage
poetry written in thoughts, as if my mind was a new page
a moment of clarity, for times of change
realizing my past was not a haunted nightmare
for everything i wondered, was all right there
what i thought was pain, and everlasting fights
was all nothing more, than growth within life

as the times change, so do the people around me
like catapillers in a cocoon, i begin to see new surroundings
as if i am the butterfly now, wings spread with a golden glow
red and blue swirls, pink dots, with some scars that show
and then as i lay beneath these skies
i open my eyes and begin to realize
life is not about pain before, but our future is the prize
the past is within the empty cucoon, i am a butterfly

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