I Am the Crow

"Why are you so?" begs the inquisitive Eagle
"Why won't you be like me: Forever soaring free;
A life benefit of liberty would suit you as an entity"

"Oh, my brother Eagle: I'm afraid you are mistaken.
I am freer than you are, for your freedom you've forsaken.
You willfully deceive yourself by upholding this sick facade
You're no more fooling me as you are fooling God.
You're perched by your acclaim you symbolize an endangered cause;
Still your pride exceeds your fame
And still you seek for your applause!

"I, however, claim no lie;
I still endeavor the infinite sky.
I watch above as you sit caged
Enslaved by commitment, concealing your rage.
So spread your wings and blacken the sun
Accept your fate as the independent one
An individual marked within a crowd
Of many like yourself, endowed;
Symbols extolled for their false hope bound to an allegorical rope
Yet here you are, rebuking me as if you are a greater being.
You can scream and call it singing; I can smile, still flying freely.

How can you ask: "Why are you so?"
When you are the captive? I'm merely The Crow.

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