I Am The Moon

There is no feeling quite like it
watching your face change with a simple sentence or two.
I don't want you. I never did.
I can almost hear the glass shattering inside your chest as
your heart breaks.
I can almost feel the emptiness in your bed that you will feel.
I can almost see the tears streaming down your cold cheek on
the lone night as the moon shines in your window.
I can almost smell the left over scent that I leave that swirls in
your nostrils as you put on the shirt of yours I used to wear.
I think I am evil. I might be dark. I am the moon.
I show you only parts of me at a time.
I will wax, and you will love me.
I will wan, and my memory will slowly fade.
But as soon as I am gone, I rise from the darkness.
Again and again. The same cycle.
I break you. I break them all.
I break them, so maybe, just maybe, I can feel human.
That I was not the only one fooled.
That I was not the only glass hearted one.
That I was not the only one who felt the cold, empty space in
my bed.
That I was not the only one who gazed at the moon on a lone
night and felt tears roll down my cold cheeks.
That I was not the only one who smelled a slight leftover musk as
I put on the shirt you left me.
I am the moon. The same cycle. Again and again.
Breaking glass hearts so I am not the only human.

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