I Am the Moon

Fear not, because I am the moon.
And my majestic light will follow you wherever you end up,
Bathing you in a glow of magic and satisfaction.
And your aura will sparkle like a million crystals.
You will be renewed each night,
Under the cover of darkness,
Lit up by the light of myself and a million stars all for you,
And although you will face your share of challenges and plights,
You will be fine,
Because you are a goddess and I am your faithful servant.
Don't cry when the sun no longer shines, it will be back,
And that is my chance to step in to protect you and see you are well.
I am the moon and you are a goddess.
The sun will shine brighter the next day,
But you my dear will truly shine under my magic.
You are a night owl and the night is your haven.
Take heed and be free,
Because I am the moon,
And our majestic lights will mingle each night,
Within a radiant glow that shines from the power of our infinity.
And we will go on.

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