I am the Nightmare:

I am crazy for this pain; in my soul I let it rain
Blood is shed along with my skin; coming anew and a new life to begin
I am cleansed in a fire; an evil force driven by desire
I will crush this world with my hammer; I will destroy your hearts and reign my terror
I am chaos waiting to unveil; I am supernatural awaiting to prevail

Tense up my fists and rule this world; I have a vision of revenge in my mind it swirled
Cold and desolate my feeling lie; for your life I gain and pry
Emptiness will take over your earth; I will crumble away your crust this world will rebirth
I have blood on my hands and a price on my head; the thing is I cannot die, I can never be dead
I am death at the will of the my own strings; I control the situation, it is me who choseth my kings

I surge with deceit and pour on hot ashes of pain; it is to my benefit and to my gain
I am the nightmare which turns to reality; I am the force of true brutality
I have you aligned dead in my sights; I will strip you of your freedoms and your rights
I will gorge on this glory and leave none for you; humans indifferent my hate stirs and brews
Coming undone, broken and shattered; I am the force that will shake humanity's ladder

If you try to make it, crawl away from me; I will stomp you out ever so violently!
I hate you and I can't take this place; I have become evil; I am no longer of your race!
I am different; granted many powers; my mind rots while I bring stormy showers
I am lightning surging through! I am death which my goal is to kill you!
I am a demon and I betrayed my master so just let me be your perilous pastor

I am the leader; I take control; I am the king; I taketh your mortal soul!
I am doubt and sorrow which passes onto your pathetic being; cry it out because you think this has some meaning
I am doom which will bring down your graceful lives; I am the nightmare carving your dreams with sharp knives
See me now I have gone to far to turn back; I am anew and now my soul is black
You can't beat me for I am invincible; you can't repay me, not even on principle

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