Follow me I am the pipe piper piping the dreams of youth
In for a penny in for a pound
My melody is tough my chorus well rough my self is soft
and all ready to go north
I piped for the rich and poor I piped till I can’t pipe no more
And sometimes I even fall on the floor
Listen to my lovely tune la Dee la a head full of cotton balls
No sir that ant no walls
And if by chance you miss the chorus wait a minute it will rebound
Right there before us
In the calm of the night dancing upon the wind like fireflies
And that’s no jive
Yes come follow me for I am the Pipe Piper piping dreams
From North to South East to West am at my best
The East wind I fear the West wind is near the song is fair
And so I pipe here there and everywhere

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My poems are original comes from my experience of life and my years on earth, I enjoy a good cup of tea if you would offer otherwise my pipe will make you dance