I Am the Silent

I'm just an old silent giant
I've withstood the test of time.
Hundreds of years I have been in this field
and I have seen the great divine
I've lived through the devastating storms
And I have embraced the lovely sunshine
I've weathered cold bitter winter chills
I have tasted the rain like fine wine
Yea I'm just an old witness of death
I've known men and all his wars
The sound of muskets and beating drums ,
the cannons crackling roars.
Knew the ones who were liars , cheats , and some were takers
I held the rope that sent them to go meet their maker
Heard the cries of the Apache, Navajo and the Cherokee
The rolling thunder of the great buffalo running wild an free
Im the loser of many friends
That have tumbled all around
I may twist and I may bend
But I still stand strong and firm in the ground
I am the son of nature that just belongs
Ive listened to every bird and know all their songs
Saw true love and all its pride
Two souls how they did collide
Still wear this heart carved here on my side
I am the story teller that never told a lie
I am full of knowledge and mystery
I'll be here long long after another generation will die

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