I Am the Slaves’ Dream Come True

In order for you to be here, many had to die
As you walk around free-minded, the deceased silently cry
They see themselves in you and what they could not obtain
But find comfort in your privilege,
fore it was obtained through their pain
Pride, not envy, is what fills their weary hearts
As they see you breaking shackles and realize they played a part
Their lives they gladly gave for the freedoms you have today
But not the ones Man may have given,
but the ones you yourself hath made
If agony was their calling and pain was their part
That was God's decision to give you another start
But don't take for granted their lashings
nor the hangings from the tree
Fore if you do loved-one, with them is where you'll be
So pick yourself up child and carry their remains
To the seat of King and Queenship, from whence your ancestors came.

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