I Am The Wolf

That Comes Screaming Your Name
In The Beautiful Moonlight Sky.
I Am That Wolf That Runs With The Pack.
That We Kill To Service
If We Don't Like, We Kill.
I Am The Wolf
That Walks These Neverlands Of Endless Pain And Broken Dreams.
That We Can Just Stand There And Do Nothing,
Watching The Poor Being Raped, Kill.
I Say I Had Enough,
I Broke After Seeing What These Eyes Can't Un See.
That We Animals Can Forsaken The Neverlands,
We Have Lost All Hope Of Servicing.
So We Kill, Loot, Rape The Neverlands Of It's Neatness,
For No longer. I Stand Alone.
Beg You, I Warn You, I laugh At You, I Cry For, I Die For You.
For We Are A Proud Nation,
But Were Fill With Lies And Very Few Kind People.
I Say We Die For Lies,
We Kill For Lies, We Do All Wrong For The Big Wolfs.
So I Say Fuck This Nation And Turn Things Around,
Kill The Big Wolfs.
I Say Fight For Our Land Back,
Even if It Means Kill For Our Good Nation Back.
So With This Drug I Make All Of Our Dreams True,
For We Kill The Neverland's.

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