I Am The…

I am the morbid. The manic. The madness in the method.
The masterpiece. The make-believe. The future and the present.
The past. The slow fast. The student sleeping through class.
The substance and the addict. The sand, and the hourglass.
I am the band that got you moving your ass
The music and the instruments, the keys and the brass
I am eventual and imminent. I'm fire and flash.
I am the clouds, earth, sky, the rain, and the thunder crash
I am the gust of wind that scatters the ash
The guilty and the innocent, the greed and the cash.
I am the fiend, the feeble, the rage and the wrath.
The shepherd and the sheep that sometimes strays from the path.
I am the message, the motive, the massive and the miniscule.
I am the matter, the mass, and the molecules.
I am the laughter and the subject of the ridicule
The counterculture craze and the concept that just isn't cool.

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