" I AM VIRUS " 2020

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While you are busy fighting over stats in my case?
I'm coming for your weak, with a smile on my face
I am going to take the whole human race

I think you all deserve exactly what you get
And no way to stop me, you'll just fight of regret
You'll all be sorry for the day that we met

You'll think I'm gone, but I'll be in wait
Waiting for the right moment to seal your fate
I am very patient, it's never too late

You'll think you can stop me, but i'm not a crime
Distracted by politics, I'll take you one at a time
Keep looking away, and you will all soon be mine

I'll wait for years, until you think you have won
By then I'll be starting to really have fun
Until you are all gone, i will never be done

It's so funny to watch you make such a fuss
But your end is near
Because, " I AM VIRUS "

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