I Am Wood

I am wood

I tower high above and lay below
I bring purity and life
Shelter, heat, and light
I am everywhere
I am food
I am home
I never complain, never retaliate
I am inanimate

And I’m like you
I’m here too
I live and I die
But when thinking of me
None cry

Even in my death
Do I not fail to express
My never ending service and usefulness?
Don’t you know?
When you are cold
When you need to get away
And just go
That I am always there?

Just like me
You must grow
You must be great
You must go higher
You must gain strength
You must be well rooted
You must be mighty, and strong

While looking for the answers
That you must find
Which you cannot do alone
Think of me
Able to do only so much in life
And even in death

I am wood

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