I am Your Guilt

You hunted me like a hungry wolf,
Tracking my every step with hunger’s fire,
I became the prey of your lust,
Caught in the crosshairs of your longing.

On rocky mountains, I found my bones,
A testament to the chase we once knew,
The remnants of a heart once so true,
Now scattered, broken, and left behind.

Crows, the sentinels of fate, throw my bones,
Their cawing laughter echoes in the wind,
As my essence joins the river’s sinuous bend,
Carried away by currents to an unknown destiny.

I became a traveler on the water’s surface,
A wanderer in the embrace of the sea’s depths,
Its salty fingers caressed my wounds, held my breath,
And in its vast expanse, I found peace.

But now, as you tread upon the beach,
I am reborn in the rolling waves,
A specter of the past, a love that craves,
To haunt your steps, to shadow your thoughts.

You run, a fleeing phantom, seeking escape,
Yet my presence persists, relentless as the tide,
No distance or evasion can divide,
The connection that fate has designed.

I am your guilt, the bite on your soul’s skin,
The memory you buried deep in your core,
A reminder of what was, forevermore,
A haunting that clings, refusing release.

Now, let the ocean breeze carry my whisper,
A melody of sorrow, a symphony of remorse,
For I am the echo of our love’s course,
Bound to you as a ghostly confession.

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