I Am Your Mom/ You Are My Son

Reflection of my worries. Mirror of my fears.
Parallel all insecurities. Rage beyond our years.
There's always something off, different, dark or weird.
Loss of self control not knowing which voice to hear.
Panic in our hearts. Helpless in our sole.
Why me is always asked and still no answers told.
The heart can break when it sees itself suffering beyond just you.
I feel I'm the one to blame for all the anguish you go through.
Outbursts, lack of care or too far gone to even see.
How to bring us back to what's reality.
Deep breaths they might help or screaming, talks or meds.
There's always something going on with in our troubled heads.
Now you are being guided, I hope it helps you see.
The mental patterns of normalcy that never got in me.

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