I Am Your Savior From Your Hell

I Am Your Savior
From Your Hell

My phone rings late
at night I say hello
it's one of my friends
crying for help I ask
what's wrong where you
at the phone goes dead
I try to call back no
ring straight to
voicemail I stay
up all night
wondering where she is at
is she going to
make it out safe.
The next day a knock
on my bed room door
I open it it's her bloody
mouth falls in to my
passed out.
Finally wakes up tells
me what happened as
she pops a pill of ex
in to her mouth
I tell her to stop she
flips out starts hitting
me screaming at me
telling me she is in hell
with her boyfriend
treating her badly
I tell her to calm down
she still swings at me
I hug her real tight as
she lets all her tears out
she says help.
I keep it low key for
a few days making
sure she is safe
being there for her
holding her at night
her body shaking like
it's freezing cold.
A knock on my door
I open it thinking it's one
of my friends I open
the door the next thing
I know I'm being jumped
by her boyfriend
and three of his fools
I wake up a few hours
later look around she is
I get some facts for
my own attack against
this guy who
will get my
pay back.
Two days later I go
to her house where
there at I look in the
drugs I can't even
keep track of stacked
I knock on the door
the boyfriend opens it
no words come out of me
I just blow a few punches
to his face
so much anger and hate
built in me I give
him one hell of attack
take the drugs put them
in my pack and take her away
from the hell she was in
she writes her ex a letter to
never come back.
She is shaken up
for long after what she
has gone through
tells me to not call the
police so I get rid of the drugs
get her back on
track in life.
Three months go by she
feels a lot safer knowing
I have her back she doesn't
have to
fall asleep at night with
a knife by her side.
I'm always here for
you never think twice
that you can't
come to me to
talk to me or hug me
let out a cry.

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