I Ask God?

I ask "God"
for what I wanted most?
I told "him" that I wanted to be free
and "he" said: just believe in me and I shall give you peace

I ask "God" why do I sometimes dream these dreams
after I awaken it makes me want to scream?
then I ask "God" why me?
and "he" said:
you were "chosen" for me it was "written" in my prophecy

I ask "God" please?
and he said you must grow with the thorns and weeds
again I ask "God" how come?
and "he" said: that "his" kingdom will come
and his "will" will be done
I say to "God: there is no use
and "he" says: all you need is a little "boost"

I say to "God":
why again, and again do they "lie" and do things to hurt me?
and he said: remember when they nailed "me" to the "cross"
way back on "Calvary"

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