I Awaken

In this world I live in
In my dreams and vision
In right and wrong
In living for something
In peace times and fighting
In weak and strong
In love and hate
In do it or wait
In been so long
I’ve shed my skin, unchained within
A leader of men, I awaken
Integrity and truth not egoistic glory
In pitch black night I write my story
Internal light my sanctuary
I have come here from miles of patience
Some meant lows, some meant temptations
Some meant pain beyond sensations
But all meant my journey
And as the present stands before me
As my future tells me “you owe me”
I manifest, ask and request
God make it my time
Keep me genuine inside as I rise to shine
A soldier for You
Keep me real keep me always true
Keep my head up high as I’m marching through

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