i been replaced

hate that the only way that i have delt with this
was hittin that pipe and then i start to twist
stress was a waitst gettin high was my escape
hearin em say it was my biggest mistake
a drug not like your ordinary drug
how it keeps your spirits up
feelin that you are in luck
the way it gets you stuck
that you stop and dont give a fuck
gettin high eases your mind
and it fast fowards time
til you become blind
that devils dick once you kissed it
got you twisted damn this shit is wicked
you aint gonna quiet even tho it makes you makes you sick you can handle it with another bowl your packin it
that crystal meth emphetimens is what the fuck i mean
how it steals away your dreams no one hears you when you scream
now you know how she plays wakin back up in 3 days gettin back to the same tweakin ways
gettin lit off that shit you been twistin stay getin high
since the very first time but cant remember when
here livin smoked out with out a doubt a feelin that you never felt
lost in the clouds comin from your mouth but who could tell just how it got you stuck in its spell
if this was the devils drug then i guess im going straight to hell
something like a scandle how it will dismantal watchin the flame melt down and dismantal
been twiting up that devils drug and been doing it for a while
if you couldnt hang with how it makes you change
turning sain into crazy and then crazy into insane
how do i explain never thought i would see the day where i felt it pierce the vein.
but this was the hole that i dug when all i ever needed was a hug or a little bit of love
not too much just didnt want to bug but instead i was handed a damned drug habbit
telling myself i can do much better while everyone else throws me into the bad weather
as im drowing in the rain none of you could ever know my pain
nothing is the same the addiction still remains
thinking will ever find a way and how to change
or do i just let the substance replace what was my existance.

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when you have done something for so long or have been doing something to block your current situation for so long it kind of becomes you and by the time you notice it if you ever get the chance to its too late and you for who you used to be. addiction is a person its self.