I Believe in Writing

It all started in preschool with the ABC's-
Little did I know they would build a foundation for me.
With just 26 letters I could traverse all the countries-
Using those 26 letters I could do anything I please.

This story may be hazy but I hope you can see
it all started with the ABC's.
26 letters give me the confidence to write-
With those 26 letters I take flight.

I believe that writing is important-
For I can release a river of words in a raging torrent.
I can write about me or I can write about you-
I can write about anyone or anything I chose.

So as I sat there in class tracing the ABC's,
I did not know what would become of me.
I didn't know I would find my passion
through the use of the simple repetitive action.

With paper as my shield and a pen as my weapon
I can teach people many a great lesson.
26 letters their fate I decide-
With the power in me I make them come alive.

The 26 letters, they never fail me-
I know when I need them, there they will be.
They are always ready to lend a helping hand-
even when their purpose is yet unplanned.

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