I Believe In You

There I stood with honor
looking back at my new life.
This man of courage, strength and pride...
To defend my freedom in war... if right.
"War"... an act un-thought of
for in my heart our land was free.
As I began to fall in love with you,
I saw my future... You with me.
Here I stand still falling
though with honor, more with fear...
For war is sternly calling you
too far away from here.
Thousands of lives destroyed
by faceless cowards...lives are lost.
"America attacked", by whom will now
quote... "Pay the cost.
Of the United States Marine Corps
Corporal Harper... "I salute you.
Go off and fight for liberty
for as you say, you choose too.
My fear is simply selfishness
for me to be alone.
Without you I am weakened... You are my strength
your arms, my home.
Before you go I'll say a prayer,
dear God please walk beside him
if danger threats his coming home
please be a sheild to hide him. Amen
As you go if you should turn around
you will see my head is bowed;
But know this... I believe in you.
You are my heart... And I am proud.

Dedicated to my husband on 09/14/01

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