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I belong to you

It started so simple,
A few words here and there,
But I refused to love again,
I wouldn't even dare

At least that's what I thought,
But you made it so easy,
You broke down my walls,
Making me feel so deeply
I'd be lost without you,
The thought alone makes it hard to breathe

I belong to you,
Every part of me,
You stole my heart,
And locked away the key,
That usually would terrify me,
Yet, I know it's safe in your hands,
I know you'll never leave,
By my side you'll forever stand

You're the air in my lungs,
The blood in my veins,
Saved me from myself,
Rescued me from my pain
I may not get to be with you now,
But in my soul you'll forever stay,
I'll keep you there safely,
Until on your chest I can lay

Never thought I'd love again,
But my heart is now yours,
And truthfully it has been,
Since the very first word

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