I Blew a Lot of Money

I blew a lot of money trying to fit in.
Catering, partying, trying to buy friends.
Foolishly seeking for attention.
Putting up with strife ,too much dissension.
Lavish gatherings seemed to be such a thrill.
Sponsoring parties, putting off the bills.
Torn in so many directions.
Bullheaded when it came to receiving directions.
Late nights of clubbing, hanging with the wrong crowd.
Headaches, hangovers, stressing out.
Spending money over here, money over there.
Bank withdrawals, I just didn't care.
I was told that desire was the root to evil.
When it comes to money, some will deceive you.
I learned to be careful who I allow into my gate
Because hands are out like an empty plate.
The desire for money is why some came around.
They disappeared when I was down.
Like a comedy show, the situation turned funny.
In my foolish days, I blew a whole lot of money.

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