I can

I’m happy bc I can kiss cheek to cheek to forehead
I can look into your eyes and see your smile
I can catch your drool when Your lifted high
I can hear your laugh
I can hear your cry
I can tickle your footies
I can hear your stories
I’m happy bc I can watch you grow
The first couple of days wasn’t guaranteed
Neither were the ones in between
You had your ups
You had your downs
I watch you cry but couldn’t be the one to comfort you
I couldn’t even hear your sound
I watched you get poked Pricked
I even watched you get sick
You are my hero
You are my warrior
I’m here now with joy and bliss
Watching you give your brother a kiss
I’m thankful bc everything that I said I’m able, and because I can
You are my miracle baby
I’m happy that I can say...
I can.
There were times when I thought I would loose you
But you stood strong and proved it every day
I knew you were something special
You gave my heart the final piece
All because I can...
I can and will always be the one that said I can
Dedicated To kylo my little preemie baby.

Written by: Kadesha Jones

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