I can fix it for you, but it’s going to cost you extra

Therapists and Psychiatrists are blind repair workers;
Unable to see the thing that needs fixing.
They use echolocation via uncomfortable interrogation.
Only to find the unfixable,
A ramshackle cerebrum, hell-bent on ripping the vulnerable walls down and shattering all the windows.
A self-destructive home is not a fixer-upper.
It is one to be burned or bulldozed.

We will let it ruin itself,
Wreaking havoc unto its own support beams,
Tearing into every sconce and shelf.
It will fall down. It will break.
A cranial temper tantrum,
Enraged at its own destruction!

Does it have the right to destroy what it did not create?
But it did not ask to be created!

Knowing it’s happening, their uninterested, unphased help offered only for payment
Bribed to feign interest,
Compensated for their time spent with their eyes closed.
What do they care if it all fragments?
As it is not on their clock.
That’s all the time they have for the mess you’ve made today.

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