I Can No Longer Stay

Here we are under this same old street light
Where our journey together first started.
I remember how it used to shine so bright
When we first started.

Now it has been years since I've seen this place...
And it's nothing like I remember;
All the good memories have gone to waste,
After we left on that cold night of December.

Now nothing around me looks the same.
Everywhere I look, I see shades of gray.
I can't help but feel like I'm to blame,
For all that was once so beautiful, now starting to decay...

I came back in hopes to find you,
But here, I can no longer stay.
Because this place isn't somewhere I can keep coming back to...
So I am leaving, because I can't go on living this way.

And as I get onto the bus,
That takes me to a different place;
I look back one last time to see a memory of us,
And I can still see the hurt and tears on your face.

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