I can not fly

I can not say, neither can I debate.
I can not fly, neither being able to run away.
I wish I could say,
What is going inside me?
I wish I could just runaway,
leaving everything behind me.
I thought I could just forget everything.
I thought I could just go through it.
Go through it, for one last time.
Go through it, without leaving any regret behind.
But it looks like I was wrong.
When you are a feather, how can you be so strong?
People come from different background,
how can I make it as an excuse?
I shouted inside.
Come stand in my shoe,
try to understand what i am going through,
But then,
How is that even possible when we got a different shoe?
At the end, they are just the part of my bad dreams.
The whole night I can't sleep and in the dark screams.
When I had to cry, I made the movie as an excuse.
No one ever cared, I felt so misused.
I can not change the fate, or may be I can.
But right now,
I just feel lost and left, leaving everything behind.

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Tags : Dark
Key Words : Dark, Fly, Misused, Runaway

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