I Can See The Future

I always loved to read
stories of things that are, things that were
and so many endless options, for things that could be

because the future is astounding
something that we can never truly know
something that seems fantastic and magical
and the stories I read only encouraged these dreams
of far off places and distant lands,
filled with opportunity
and I think the future will be amazing
but, now that I am certain of my future
it doesn’t seem so fantastical and mystifying
instead it is quiet and calm, and perfectly laid out

at times is is terrifying to know the future
to be unable to escape what it holds
but when I think of mine
I no longer dream of adventures on alien worlds
of magic beasts or daring quests to save the damsel

I am not terrified,
I know what I want
and I know what the future holds for me
the answer to what the future has for me
is you.

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