I Cannot Breathe

I feel like I cannot breath,Like I am suffocating,
Under this thing called life,It's impersonating me,
Making me someone I am not,Carving away at every inch of me,
Molding me into societies lies,Wanting me to be like everyone else,
While on the inside I am screaming,I want to be free,
So many words are inside of me, Emotions I cannot express,
For the fear of the consequences,If you could only see,
All that's going on inside of me, You could try to understand,
Why my wrists are bleeding,Why my head is pounding,
All the bad thoughts, Racing and running through my head,
I could just end it all,No more pain,
No more suffering, No one will truly understand,
I am my own worst nightmare,
Every good day turned bad,
Every happy thought turns sad,
Every moment is hard to bare,
I should just give up,
Why even try,Why do I bother?
When all I do is feel so alone,
All I want to is say goodbye,
Give in just one last time,
Only this time no looking back,
No coming back to life.

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