I Can’t Breath

Now I know my knee is on your neck and your hands are cuffed but by merely speaking black man you are resisting arrest.
But it doesn’t really matter because your kind, people who look like you, have been killed for much less.
Begging for their life in the face of the blue uniform, grasping for air as the cops pretend to be torn
Torn between the decision of their safety or a life, or at least that’s what they’ll tell us on the news tonight.
They’ll exclude the part where they tell us the man was unarmed and everyone there knew he could bring them no harm.
Yet they killed him, placing their gun next to his lifeless head and saying its a weapon he pulled out and it’s the reason he’s dead.
Now when people find out and they finally see that the gun has a tag belonging to officer 003 then what?
Well thenn they go to his house and tell him that he has to lie, tell him that he’s going to be faced with the backlash of the public eye.
He’s shivering and teary-eyed because he knows his career is over, but on the morning news he has to keep his composer.
He has to explain to the white lady why he killed a black man and then went so far as to place his own gun in the man’s hand.
They tell him, months later, that he’s been found guilty of murder and they show him the video where his mom is screaming and they heard her
Heard her cries about his injustice and now the media picked it up, dealing the final blow to get the officer locked up.
Now his daughter is crying about her dad having to leave and wife is in distress because she still can’t believe
She can’t believe that he’s going to jail for the killing of a man, the ending of a life orchestrated by her husband’s hand
But it’s not the fact that she feels remorse for the man no, she’s angry because if that video never surfaced they’d all be watching a movie at home
Not blinking an eye at the life that was stolen, not even thinking of an apology at the least that’s what he owed him.
But times are different now, things are starting to change. You can’t sweep it under the rug no we will speak his name.
We will find justice in this place of insecurity because we’re less scared of tear gas than we are of our nation’s security.
911 doesn’t mean what it used to, 911 means put your hands up and I’ll still shoot you
Stopping a man is his own front lawn, you’re unnerved by the look in his eye but you’re the one with the bulletproof vest on.
You’re the one who gets to go home and see your mom tonight, while someone’s else is waiting at home not knowing her son just life his life.

I can’t breath, Mom help. These words were not null and void.
They sparked a fire within us and we won’t stop until we have justice for them all

Rest In Power George Floyd.

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