I can’t follow you star

By Kle   

I asked the rocks, walking alone
do you know about my desperation?
I asked the waves while were sleeping,
calmly, not to scream,
do you know something about my desperation?
I asked the walls maybe have heard,
I shook the trees in the fallen forest,
I slew a butterfly flying,
I spooke to a mountain, looking at me.
Hey stones, trees, birds and you beast,
all what is collected in this world,
i likely want to kill you!
No one replied, no one spooke a word,
Just in this rebelation, i find nothing.
So I run, run in the woods,
on a trail, following you star,
I want to pick it up, climb up,
I jump one step but fall again back.
In my desperation another path was found,
Oh star, i can't follow you,
i can't follow you moon,

But I will not surrender,
so easy has not meaning,
I will find a response to my desperation

I waited for the morning, the sun went out,
hidden behind the clouds, in the winter of rays,
I passed a bridge, I passed a river,
neither the fish nor the birds, told me how or when.
During night, again i sat on the stone,
with the silence of my desperation following you star.

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This Poems Story

This poem speak about those who try so much to make their dreams true, but sometimes life is not so easy. Speak for those that have too much dreams, but at the end life and opportunities make their dreams impossible, exactly like someone who want to touch the sky..