i can’t sleep

I can’t sleep
Maybe it’s the demons in my head
Maybe it’s every bad thing that i said
Maybe it’s pain of doing You wrong that keeps me awake
Past the midnight hour
I can’t turn back the hands of time,
So , I twist and i turn
Trying to find peace in the blankets,
Trying to find comfort in the silence
But I can’t sleep
I keep replaying the things that i did
I keep picturing the things i should have done
But Lord knows better,
I wish i could have done better
Mind… why do you wander?
All i want is to slumber
Stop reminding me of what i did wrong
Stop questioning if that was right or wrong
Why do you fill my head with these unnecessary queries and thoughts?
When all i want to do is take escape and enter another world.
Leave me o thoughts of “being not enough”
Leave me o thoughts of “you can never be the one”
Don’t take me to darkest chambers of my mind
Because i may never find the way back to the light
I just want to rest my soul that’s always searching
Peace of mind is what i pleading
Listen O God above,
I believe in your love
So I ask you to search my heart
Calm the roaring waters of my soul
So they may flow like a gentle stream
Pick up the pieces of my broken heart
Mend them together with your reckless love

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