I Carry

I carry the scare the cut the burns.
I carry the sand the land and its terms.
I carry the low self a-steam, the pan of tears.
I carry the hurt the rain the dismay.
I carry the feeling of self worth and you say hurt.
I carry the loss of self the loss of my wealth.
I carry the words you said to me that made me this weak.
I carry the fact that I will never believe love is for me.
I carry the truth of not even knowing me.
I carry all these unwanted tattoos.
I try and carry me to a better place.
But all those years you took away, I should have stood my place.
I carry the broken values the lies you painted,
All people see is what you want them to believe,
I carry the real enemy .
A man raised boy,
Think I could change you but not the case.
Now you have your team with a field of dreams.
If you build it they will come.
Until the magic is gone then they will start the race to freedom.
I carry the same stuff most woman carry.
The pain of a man.

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