I Changed That Day

I may look like the little girl that they hired
but I only have the same name
She went to school got good grades
theres times that I cant even
remember my own name

She could walk to school all by herself
I am to afraid that I will be hurt again
so I just stay at home

She dreamed about her future
and what she wanted it to be
I dream about when I can finally
go to my grave
and my pain inside me will finally end

She walked and held her head high
proud of who she was
While I try to hide from everyone
so ashamed of what I become

People always said she was so smart
instead of questing if she was retarded

Her mom and dad talked
about her going to college
until that day she was hurt

Then the only question was
would she be better off
in a mental institution
or here with us

My advice to anyone who has
a loving family and happy home
treasure every moment that you have
cause in just five hours
it could all be destroyed

Did my family stop loving me
or was it I just that I could not
accept that they did
which ever one it is
what was lost we never
got back again

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