I Come From

I come from high hopes and dreamy thoughts,
that nightmares consume,
I come from habits I have killed and buried deep,
that later appetites exhume.

I come from selfish fathers dead and gone,
yet they live a call away,
who see me as a plaguing weight from old mistakes,
still making them to pay.

I come from misunderstanding,
from confusion on what’s real,
I come from drugs that dull my heart,
lest I should come to feel.

I come from pulling plungers back,
to fill up my syringe of pain,
I come from hating what I do each day,
yet I won’t stop, you need experience to explain.

I come from lonely cells and useful friends,
that I don’t even like,
I come from gifts I sold for drugs,
whether an ipod or a bike.

I come from deceptions, cheating lying smiles,
that conceal and hide my plan,
I come from rooms of crowded tombs,
of dead and dying men.

I come from despair that I can’t bear,
seeing no safe way to eject,
I come from a place who knows the peace,
my cravings just reject.

I come from hurting hearts and feigned laughs,
and struggle just to say,
“This too shall pass, it’s not the end,
I won’t be left this way.”

I come from misplaced affection,
and the corresponding guilt,
I come from a town, that grinds me down,
that destroys the good that has been built.

I come from regret and the fearful sweat,
that gathers yet upon the brow,
I come from a place, I would leave with haste,
if I could be in anywhere but now.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem, when I felt alienated from the world, my friends, and my family. Trapped! I was in the utter isolation a of heroin addiction. When you realize, what you're life is reduced to and the lows to which you've decended; you might write something similar.