I Confess

I confess.
I confess that I have never fallen in love.
At least, I don't think I have.
I confess that I wish I had.
But I confess that at the same time I don't.
I confess that there are times I am glad, and other times I am not.
I confess that falling in love scares me.
I confess I have to see where I'm jumping before I take the leap.
I confess, love does not seem to me as flowers and candlelit dinners.
No, love is a psychological war to see who will go insane first.
I confess I only have experience in familial, friend type loves.
I confess that I doubt love's very existence.
But truly, I confess that I know it is real deep inside.
Since many people believe in it, obviously it's real, right?
I confess that I don't know what to believe.
I also confess that there are two warring sides inside my heart.
One side that wants to jump.
The other is arming every emotional weapon and seatbelt.
I confess that I have seen too much to not be a little paranoid.
I also confess that I will never tell anyone any of my real problems.
Including myself.
I confess that I am not ready for love.
I confess that love is known for making people insane.
But I also confess that love is the greatest gift.
Make-believe or reality.
That the human race and every species has been given.
I confess.

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