I Cope

I am bold I am confident beyond
We used to have that unbreakable bond
What happened? Where did it go? Why did it fail?
My life was so full of strength then I was frail
Softened by the blows transformed over time
How can it be that I was so blind?
All I do is try to cope; learn to adjust and get by
I was there to support you; all you cared about was your next high
Lifetime filled with emotions of happy pain and sad
I gave all, did all to add to what we had
Yet I cope, contend, grapple and make do
I’m moving on, what about you?
Once you sober up and realize what you had, you will see the water is gone
You’ll assess your life to see what is missing; you’ll listen to every sad song;
The ones reminding you of me, of us
You’ll sit and wonder about all the times I made you and us a big fuss
See? I honored my vows for better or worse
Sucked it all up, took all your emotional abuse
Guess what? I am awake, eyes wide opened, no someone you can continue to use!
I cope with all that has happened in my life
I dealt with so much from happiness, contentment to strife
You did you best to beat me down, pick me apart and strip me of worth
No worries! I got this! I am here for now on God’s green earth
When the roll is called and God calls me home
I will look down on you and think you’ll never see Heaven’s Dome!
The place where I will never have to cope, feel pain
Never again be ashamed
Now you will have to cope
In your misery, your alcohol, your dope
The day will come when you full awaken
Discovering your life is empty; all your loved ones gone from all you’ve taken
You’ll search for me, seek me out, wonder where I am and what I’ve become;
A strong, bold, confident woman who rises above all…and then some!

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