I crave you !

Out of all the things in my life the beauty, the passion, and the love. The one thing that I admire. I absolutely feel the need to see is your happiness. Your love and your pureness. The way your eyes sparkle when you smile, and the wrinkles on your forehead. To the barely there dimples at the crease of your mouth. Your true smile. It tells me that at that moment you're full of love and
carefree. Beautiful is your smile. I crave your joy.
Out of all the things I've seen in my life the hatred, the darkness and the demons. One that I feel terrified yet fascinated by is your ability to not care and as if you feel no pain. Like you're invincible and indestructible. It tells me that you've had your share of life poor hands and people forsaking you. It's your rage. I'm shaking by. But all in all I crave your calm.
Out of all the things I've seen in my life tragedy, death and lost love.
Your sadness I'm torn from. Your broken pieces and silent tears tell me your heart is filled with wrecthing pain.
Many reasons are at fault. It shatters me. I crave your peace and for your soul to mend.
These three things that I've seen in my life they matter most to me. They call my name like no other feeling. They whisper to my heart. You all of you. Your dark, your light, your sun, and rain. I crave you.

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The battle ive fought for my heart and soul and best friend to trust me. My soul mate My Forever.