I Cry for the World

So you say that we have come far in our struggles, in our fight.
Do you say this with a clear conscience, with a proud heart?
Are these words spoken with certainty and conviction?
I wonder who can say that we have come so far;
when clearly we have only taken but a few steps.

Hatred fills our hearts, our minds, anger pulsing through our veins.
The crimes we can bring ourselves to bestow onto one another.
So many suffer yet blind eyes are turned. You cannot help everyone,
is this not a lie, an excuse? Don't you feel a burning in your soul,
a pain so deep that water fills your sight?
In this world of so much, can you tell me that we cannot overcome?

My mind constantly drifts to the carnage left of the shut minds and;
locked hearts. My soul bears the burden of this wretched place.
I see it in every child abandoned, every senseless murder,
every homeless person, every abused human,
every forgotten about country left to suffer, every animal tortured,
miss-treated, and slaughtered only to feed an idea,
every war, every hate crime, every injustice.

Compassion, an action word that lacks the sense of boundries.
It starts with turning our back on just one person or animal in need
and in the moment of a breath we have an epidemic.
So yes, I cry for the world, as I will cry for the world tomorrow,
and as I will cry for it until it is healed.

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