I Cry For You

I cry for you because your people have lost their way
The one that was paved and slaved for them.

I cry for you because you gave your only begotten son for our sins
Yet we continue to sin and repent again and again

I cry for your babies unloved and abused.not hugged,cuddled or cooed
Growing up broken and used.

I cry for your little girls who never got to be.
forced to be women before their time
wondering why life has no fast forward or rewind

I cry for all your little boys needing their fathers
Training them to be leaders not drug dealers and cheaters

There is no honor amongst thieves, no loyalty within cheaters
And no love for another where there is none for oneself

I cry for you lord and pray for a healing upon your creations
that you will take back your peoples' souls and cleanse your nations

I cry for the battered women, the abandoned mothers, the betrayed
and molested children's souls, the breaks in our hearts,
the worth of your women, the strength in your men,
the love your young people lack

I cry and I cry and I cry and I cry for you lord
to take your people back.

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