I Danced in the Moonlight

I danced with the moon, and she danced with me.
Our hands interlocked, the Sun did see.
Gone today, a victim of jealousy.
My Fathered children, void of family.

The music played, air moved with ours.
Waltzing, laughing, amongst the stars.
Gone today, a tribute to mars.
Our little dance, the cause of wars.

Attack at dawn, our lives were strewn.
Cross lengths and rivers, sandy dunes.
Gone today, our flowers bloomed.
Wilting petals, Winter looms.

I'd give it up, for a day before.
When life was simple, distant shore.
Gone today, moon no more.
Tightened heart strings, close the door.

Ruffled feathers, a fallen love.
Smooth transition from the sky above.
I see you still, though my blindness stares.
I am faulty, for I danced, in the moonlight.

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