I Decide

Life passes by so quickly.
Before you know it, you need to decide your future
and you can't wait, not even for a second
because every choice, every step you make
from that point forward is now towards that 1 goal.
That goal is the center of your life,
the sun in your universe. It'll guide you,
not without doubt, but nonetheless,
it'll guide you through those rough hours,
days, years. Today is that day. I decide.
I choose what my future holds.
I was given an opportunity to do so.
Others weren't. So with everything in me,
with God, with everything I have to offer,
I choose to give back. I choose to put my life on the
line. I choose to fight for my country. I choose to
give others a chance. I lifeline. A chance at what I
was freely given. I didn't have to fight for
opportunities. For somewhere safe to wake up.
But just because I didn't, and don't, have to fight for
my life, doesn't mean I won't fight for others. I have
faith in humanity. I have hope. I believe in
humankind, when so many don't. I believe we have what
it takes to change this world for the better.
And I start today. Right here, right now.

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