I Did Die

I knew at an early age
I knew I would die
For this I cried
Such weakness in display
Secretly and without tears
This I did fret
What for
Life is many
Life is pain
That was the cry
I beckoned to be immortal
I did not die
Did I truly want life after death
Life after death
Is not death
It is slumber
Did I cry because I will slumber
Slumber is what I had desired
It seems I get what I want
I lack for no thing
I feared for nothing
I choose to die
I know what death is
I did die
Death was sleep
I lost fear of death
Death visited me frequently
I grew to love death
And so I cry for death
I cry without fear
I cry without tears
Death I do long for
It visits regardless
I understand death that is slumber
The slumber is deceiving
Death does not lie
I lie and so I lie
I will lie no more
I do not fully understand
I think that is fine
I walk in light
I sleep in death
Do not wake me
I will wake regardless
I want what I did not know what I wanted
I wanted what I did not want
Until I wanted what I did want
I did die
That is okay
I am back to tell you
Do not cry
Do not fear
Do what you want

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